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Shanta has published over 350 poems in literary journals worldwide. Her poems have been anthologized widely, appearing in India, UK and the USA.

Her work is featured in:

  1. Greening the Earth edited by Nishi Chawla and K. Satchidanandan (Penguin, India; 2023).
  2. Count Every Breath edited by Vinita Agrawal (Hawakal Publishers, India; 2023).
  3. Voices Now: World Poetry Today edited by Braja K Sorkar and Binay Laha (Tristoop Books, India, 2023).
  4. Converse: Contemporary English Poetry by Indians edited by Sudeep Sen (Pippa Rann Books & Media, UK; 2022).
  5. Voices for the Silent edited by Ronnie Goodyear (Indigo Dreams Publishing, UK; 2022).
  6. Poems on Conflict edited by Members of the Hall Writers’ Forum (Chough Publications, UK; 2022).
  7. At The Edge of All Storms edited by Cara L.McKee & Jack Caradoc (Dreich, UK; 2022).
  8. Rebel Talk: Poems from the Climate Emergency edited by Rip Bulkley (Extinction Rebellion, Oxford, UK; November 2021).
  9. Witness: The Red River Book of Poetry of Dissent edited by Nabina Das (Red River, India; 2021).
  10. Musings on Pandemic: An Anthology of Poems edited by Tanmoy Kundu, Subhankar Dutta, Dipra Sarkhel (AuthorsPress, India; 2021).
  11. Resplendent Rainbow: A Collection of Poems Written by poets from Odisha edited by Pradeep Biswal and Namita Rani Panda (AuthorsPress, India; 2021).
  12. The Yearbook of Indian Poetry in English (2020-2021) edited by Sukrita Paul Kumar and Vinita Agrawal (Hawakal Prokashana, India; 2021).
  13. Paws Healing the Earth edited by Kalpna Singh-Chitnis (River Paw Press, USA; 2021).
  14. Still We Sing: Voices on Violence Against Women edited by Sarita Jenamani (Dhauli Books, India; 2021).
  15. Locked Down: Poems, diary extracts and art from the 2020 pandemic edited by Susan Jane Sims (Poetry Space Ltd, UK; 2021).
  16. The Kali Project: Invoking The Goddess Within (Indie Blu(e) Publishing, 2021) conceptualized and edited by Candice Louisa Daquin and Megha Sood.
  17. A Poem A Day edited by Gulzar (HarperCollins, India; 2020).
  18. Musings During a Time of Pandemic: A World Anthology of Poems on COVID-19 compiled and edited by Christopher Okemwa (Kistrech Theatre International, Kenya; 2020).
  19. Can You Hear The People Sing? Global Responses to the Pandemic edited by Camilla Reeve (Palewell Press, UK; 2020).
  20. The Bloomsbury Book of Great Indian Love Poems edited by Abhay K (Bloomsbury Publishing, India; 2020).
  21. The Lie of the Land: An Anthology of Indian Poetry in English edited by Goutam Karmakar (Sahitya Akademi, India: 2019).
  22. Eastern Muse: Poems from the East and North East India edited by Malsawmi Jacob and Jaydeep Sarangi (Authorspress, India: 2019).
  23. Pirene’s Fountain: Culinary Poems Vol. 12, Issue 20 (Glass Lyre Press, USA; 2019).
  24. Resonance: English Poetry from Poets of Odisha edited by Chittaranjan Misra, Jaydeep Sarangi, Mona Dash (AuthorsPress, India; 2019).
  25. To Gather Your Leaving: Asian Diaspora Poetry from America, Australia, UK & Europe, edited by Boey Kim Cheng, Arin Alycia Fong, Justin Chia (Ethos Books, Singapore; 2019).
  26. Quesadilla and Other Adventures: Food Poems edited by Somrita Urni Ganguly (Hawakal Publishers, India; 2019).
  27. For the Silent: An Anthology to aid the work of the League Against Cruel Sports edited by Ronnie Goodyer (League Against Cruel Sports, UK; 2019).
  28. Image and Rhythm: An Anthology of Poetry in English (As per the CBS Syllabus in English) edited by Shyamsundar Padihari (AuthorsPress, India; 2019).
  29. salt & pepper & silver linings: celebrating our grandmothers edited by Abhirami Girija Sriram and Babitha Marina Justin (Read Me Books, India; 2019).
  30. Diversifly: Poetry and Art on Britain’s Urban Birds edited by Nadia Kingsley (Fair Acre Press, UK; 2018).
  31. A World Assembly of Poets: Contemporary Poems edited by Tijan M Sallah and Nibir Ghosh (Authorspress, India; 2017).
  32. … And the Rhythm Endures: Fifty Five Poets of Odisha edited by Ramakanta Das (Authorspress, India; 2017).
  33. Poets’ Travelogue: The Grand Indian Express edited by Anand Kumar (Access, India; 2017).
  34. Magic Lantern: An Integrated Course in English, Course Book 7 (Frank Educational Aids, India; 2017).
  35. Home Thoughts: Poetry of the British Indian Diaspora edited by Usha Kishore and Jaydeep Sarangi (Cyberwit, India; 2017).
  36. World Poetry Yearbook 2015, edited by Dr Zhang Zhi and Lai Tingjie (The Earth Culture Press, China; May 2016).
  37. New Soundings in Postcolonial Writing: Critical and Creative Contours. Essays in Honour of Bruce King edited by Janet Wilson and Chris Ringrose (Brill/ Rodopi, Leiden/Boston; 2016).
  38. The Poet’s Quest for God: 21st Century Poems of Faith, Doubt and Wonder edited by Fr Oliver Brennan and Todd Swift (Eyewear Publishing, UK; 2016).
  39. The Chronicles of Eve edited by Ellie Danak, Sarah Miles, Wendy Pratt (Paper Swans Press, UK; April 2016).
  40. Word Masala Award Winners 2015: An Anthology edited by Yogesh Patel (e-Skylark Publications, UK; 2015).
  41. 100 Great Poems For Children edited by Deepa Agarwal (Red Turtle, Rupa Publications, India; 2015).
  42. World Poetry Yearbook 2014, edited by Dr Zhang Zhi and Lai Tingjie (The Earth Culture Press, China; May 2015).
  43. The Book Of Love & Loss: Poems For Today edited by R V Bailey & June Hall (The Belgrave Press, UK: 2014).
  44. To Catch A Poem: An Anthology for Young People edited by Anju Makhija and Jane Bhandari (Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi, India; 2014).
  45. World Poetry Yearbook 2013, edited by Dr Choi Lai Sheung & Dr Zhang Zhi, translated and revised by Prof Zhang Zhizhong and Ms Sophy Chen (The Earth Culture Press, China; June 2014).
  46. The Second Genesis: An Anthology of Contemporary World Poetry edited by Anuraag Sharma ((A.R.A.W.LII, India; 2014).
  47. Wings Over The Mahanadi: Eight Odia-English Poets edited by Manu Dash (Poetrywala, Mumbai; 2014).
  48. Suvarnarekha: An Anthology of Indian Women Poets Writing in English edited by Nandini Sahu (The Poetry Society of India; 2014).
  49. The Dance of The Peacock: An Anthology of English Poetry from India edited by Vivekananda Jha (Hidden Brook Press, Canada; 2013).
  50. The HarperCollins Book of English Poetry edited by Sudeep Sen (HarperCollins, India; 2012).
  51. Out of Bounds: British Black & Asian Poets edited by Jackie Kay, James Proctor and Gemma Robinson (Bloodaxe Books, UK: 2012).
  52. Live Life: The Daydreamer’s Journal – An International Anthology of Short Stories and Poetry for Charity (USA; 2012).
  53. Not Only The Dark: An Anthology to Support the Work of WordAid edited by Nicky Gould and Jo Field (Categorical Books, UK: 2011).
  54. Roots and Wings: An Anthology of Indian Women Writing In English, ed. Annie George and Sandhya S N (Roots & Wings Press, India; 2011).
  55. India in Verse edited by Antara Dev Sen (The Little Magazine, India; 2011).
  56. Soul Feathers: An Anthology to Aid the Work of Macmillan Cancer Support edited by Ronnie Goodyer and Annie Morgan (Indigo Dreams Publishing, UK; 2011).
  57. First Sixty: The Acumen Anthology, edited by Patrica Oxley (Acumen Publications, UK; 2010).
  58. Red: Contemporary Black British Poetry, edited by Kwame Dawes (Peepal Tree Press, UK; 2010).
  59. Unmapped: The Indian Poetry Issue, edited by Sudeep Sen (The Literary Review, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Madison, NJ, USA; 2009).
  60. Indian English Women Poets, ed. Anisur Rahmand and Ameena Kazi Ansari (Creative Books, New Delhi, India; 2009).
  61. We Speak in Changing Languages, edited by Anju Makhija and EV Ramakrishnan (Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi, India; 2009).
  62. Temba Tupu (Walking Naked) The Africana Woman’s Poetic Self Portrait, edited by Nagueyalti Warren (The Africa World Press/Red Sea Press, Trenton, NJ, USA; 2008).
  63. The Bloodaxe Book of Contemporary Indian Poets, edited by Jeet Thayil (Bloodaxe Books, UK; 2008).
  64. Language for a New Century: Contemporary Poetry from the Middle East, Asia & Beyond, edited by Tina Chang, Nathalie Handal, and Ravi Shankar (W.W. Norton and Co, USA; 2008).
  65. Only Connect, ed Gail Ashton and Jan Fortune-Wood (Cinnamon Press, UK; 2007).
  66. Into The Further Reaches: An anthology of Contemporary British Poetry celebrating the spiritual journey, edited by Jay Ramsay (PS Avalon Publishing, UK; 2007).
  67. Images of Women: An Anthology of Poetry by Contemporary Women Poets, edited by Myra Schneider & Dilys Wood (Arrowhead Press, UK; 2006).
  68. Give The Sea Change And It Shall Change: An Anthology Of Indian Poetry In English (1951-2005), edited by Jeet Thayil (Fulcrum, USA; 2005).
  69. The Works 4 edited by Pie Corbett & Gaby Morgan (Macmillan Children’s Books, UK; 2005).
  70. Masala ed by Debjani Chatterjee (Macmillan Children’s Books, UK; 2005).
  71. Velocity: the Best of Apples & Snakes (Black Spring Press, UK; 2003).
  72. In The Company Of Poets, edited John Rety (Hearing Eye, UK; 2003).
  73. Seeing The Wood And The Trees, edited John Haughton and Rosemarie Rowley (Cairde na Coille, Ireland; 2003).
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