Asset Management: Articles

Shanta Acharya is the author of books, monographs, reviews and articles on asset management. Her career as an active fund manager provides her with insight into the industry. She has written extensively on investment issues, her research interests range from Emerging Markets to the management of investments by the not-for-profit sector.

  1. Taking Responsibility, Caritas: Leadership & Management for the third sector, August 2008.
  2. The Case For Investing In Emerging Markets, Professional Investor, June 2003.
  3. Operational Risk In Emerging Markets: How Much Does It Matter? Global Custodian, Winter 2002.
  4. Mutual Fund Technologies: Rising to the occasion, Global Custodian, Summer 2002.
  5. Straight Through Processing: The Fund Managers' Perspective, Global Custodian, Spring 2002.
  6. Cash Management in Institutional Portfolios, Global Custodian, Autumn 2001.
  7. Hedge Funds and Capital Protected Products, Global Custodian, Summer 2001.
  8. Emerging Markets: A Game of Snakes and Ladders, Professional Investor, April 2001.
  9. IT: Application versus valuation, Professional Investor, October 2000.
  10. Fund Management: Bridging the IT Gap, Global Custodian, Autumn 2000.
  11. Analysts face an uncertain future, Global Investor, September 2000.
  12. Battle of the benchmarks, Global Custodian, Summer 2000.
  13. Riding the information wave, Global Investor, July/ August 2000.
  14. Share Analysis: Performance of IPOs since Privatisation, Privatisation International, June 2000.
  15. Winning the zero-sum game, Global Investor, May 2000.
  16. The Impact of the Internet on Fund Managers and their Clients, Financial News, Issue 207, 8-14 May 2000.
  17. Debt Capital Markets Review: Review of Minimum Funding Requirement draws nearer as gilts shortage worsens, Financial News, Issue 204, 17-23 April 2000.
  18. Fund Managers Confront the IT Revolution, Global Investor, April 2000.
  19. Institutional Fund Management: Seeking to close the e-trade gap, Financial News, Issue 199, 13-19 March 2000.
  20. Institutional Fund Management: Indices are driving the market higher, Financial News, Issue 199, 13-19 March 2000.
  21. Global Investing: Examining the priorities, Professional Investor, February and March 2000.
  22. Indian Capital Markets: Sub-continent emerges stronger as changes drive transparency, Financial News, Issue 182, 1-7 November 1999.
  23. India: Pension Masala, Global Custodian, Winter 1998.
  24. India: The Open Temple, Director, December 1998.
  25. Investing in India: Thoroughly Buried Treasure, The Investor, October 1998.
  26. Indian summer: Hotting up for investment, Public Treasurer, September 1998.
  27. Unveiling India, TransACTION: The Journal for International Securities Professionals, Summer 1998.
  28. The elephant hiding behind a toothpick: India as the overlooked emerging market alternative, Global Custodian, Winter 1997.
  29. Corporate India-50 years after independence, Funds International, September 1997.
  30. India: The Tiger Stumbles, Funds International, December 1996.
  31. Country Survey: India, Funds International, January 1996.
  32. India: Too big to be ignored, Public Treasurer, February 1995.
  33. Dalal Street Blues: Why Invest In India Now? Facts & Briefings, Barings Offshore Funds, January 1995.